Why Upstate Home Sellers Need Victoria Cottle

Victoria Cottle knows how to get things done.

Before I became a Realtor, I worked as an Army mobilization sergeant. I organized hundreds and sometimes thousands of people, along with tons of equipment, and moved them from point A to point B. After all that moving experience, I know how to analyze a situation and tell you what it will take to get the job done.

Victoria Cottle loves and understands real estate.

When I decided to become a Realtor, I never looked back. I am in real estate because I love to help people buy and sell houses. I know what it’s like to sell a house, move to another state, and try to find a new home. Making a difference in your life during such a major event is very important to me.

Victoria Cottle has a plan to sell your house.

I follow a systematic plan to market and promote each of my home listings. At the beginning of our relationship, I will thoroughly explain the process. After we list your home, I coordinate many details to make sure your home gets the attention it deserves. I will actively promote your home with a yard sign, in print, and online. I will use brochures, a lockbox, and call center to make it easy for Realtors and potential buyers to get information about your house. I follow up after other agents show your home to potential buyers, getting feedback after every showing.

Victoria Cottle communicates frequently, openly, and honestly.

There are plenty of Realtors who will over promise and under deliver. I don’t believe in playing those games. I expect people to be open and honest with me, and I will extend that same courtesy to you.

I understand that you want to know what is happening with your house. That’s why I give each home seller a bi-weekly marketing report. This report explains what I have done to market your home, and how people are receiving our marketing efforts. I also share agent feedback from each showing with you so that we can make adjustments for future showings, if necessary. To summarize, I work hard to market your home, and I communicate with you about those efforts.