Why every home buyer should use a real estate agent

Home buyers sometimes avoid calling a real estate agent. Perhaps they have heard that real estate agents are expensive. Maybe they’re afraid they won’t like their agent. Some buyers think it would be simpler to just find a home they like, and then call the listing agent. Actually, it is always better for a buyer to use a real estate agent for these reasons:

Using a real estate agent usually doesn’t cost the buyer

Your real estate agent’s commission is typically paid by the seller. These commission fees are set when the seller contracts with the listing agent. This means as a buyer, you can use a real estate agent for representation at no cost to you!

Using a real estate agent saves money and avoids frustration

Victoria Cottle knows the ins and outs of purchasing a home. She can help you avoid costly mistakes when making an offer, getting a mortgage, and finding insurance. She also knows how to keep the process moving and make things happen–so you can get into your new home!

It’s important to have your own agent, representing just you.

Remember that it’s important to make sure your agent is just representing you. Victoria Cottle will represent your best interests throughout the process of buying a home. Call her for more information about how she can help you buy a home in Greenville or Upstate South Carolina OR read more about why you should never call a listing agent.